3D printing to help against Corona Virus

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3D printing excels in rapid prototyping and is relatively commercially available. And given the situation with the Corona virus in the world, and especially the general lack of protective masks, models and various solutions for masks and other protective equipment have begun to appear on the Internet.

But first of all, I would like to mention one thing. It makes sense! Wearing masks, scarves, and other protective equipment, even if they do not have the same protective capability as medical materials, makes sense.


The fact that even a simple headscarf or a home made cotton T-shirt is meaningful and big is also mentioned by doctors several times in the Slovak television debate. I recommend to watch.


As you have seen, protecting yourself is definitely worth it. I also add a link to an article where they discuss what household materials can be used as a filter and how they work.



Anyway, I would like to draw attention to one thing. You need to realize for what purpose you use the mask / mask. If you are a first-line doctor, this protection is inadequate. Not 100%. Always try to use the maximum protection available. I am writing this article as a normal working person who is mindful of governmental orders and, if not, does not go out. And if I need to solve something outside, I'll wear a veil. Because I have nothing better available. Similarly, there will be many other people.

Models for 3D printing

There are many printable models on 3D print servers. But not everything works and is usable. If you're choosing a model, look at Makes - if people printed the thing. It is not, of course, authoritative, but it is such an indicator. If the model has no makes, look at the pictures of the model, if it can be assembled, etc.

Now let's look at some models.

Air mask with two filters


Hepa Covid Coronavirus Face Mask


Flexible Mask Valvy [PLA too]




Face Mask for Air Polution


So it was a couple of mask models. You will surely find more. But not everyone will work (just because of the shape of the head). And count on long printing.

What I personally like very much, however, I did not prove to be a practical solution as a simple clip.

Covid19 mask clip

Coronavirus Covid-19 Mask Frame


Specifically, this model, however, I did not work too well, I could not secure the clip to hold.

But who can criticize where. So I created my mask clip model.


In conclusion

Protect yourself, protect others. Don't go among people without protection. The possibilities are for everyone and making a mask at home is not such a problem. There is always better protection than none. I wish you all health and survive the pandemic in order. Brace yourself.


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