Stepper drivers

3D printers use stepper motors. The name implies that the movement consists of individual steps. The most widely used motors use 200 steps, that is, 1 step = 1.8 degrees of rotation. If the printer moved in these large steps, it would tear, the print would not be so nice and it would also be very noisy because of the large vibration transmissions. For these reasons, drivers are used to enable microstepping. This means that each step can be divided into several steps. If we use microstepping 1/2, we have to use two steps for the same movement. Similarly, if we use microstepping 1/4, we will use 4x more steps, etc. Finally, it should be noted that on a 8-bit board a larger microstepping than 1/64 is not recommended.

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Stepper drivers 1. - Basic information and which one to use


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