What to buy for a new 3D printer

This text was automatically translated using Google Translate. If you are the new owner of a 3D printer , this article is for you. There are a lot of more or less useful things on the Internet that can make working with a 3D printer more enjoyable. Plus, it usually costs around $ 1- $ 2, so they certainly don't ruin you. Let's take a look at some of them.

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OctoEnder alias super-silent printer

When I first saw the Prusa MK3s, I realized how quiet the printer could be. Really quiet, almost inaudible. So I try my best for the same results. With Ender 3 Pro :) 1. Springs … At first it was necessary to stabilize the bed, because otherwise one would leveling it until his death. It is a trivial exchange of original Creality springs for some stronger.

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This site was created on the basis of a pile of still the same questions on the czech Facebook group to support Ender-3. Therefore, some active members have decided to write answers to these questions, and then this site was created.