Bigtreetech SKR 1.3

This board comes from a line of cheap Chinese 3D printer boards and is the successor to the SKR 1.1 board. The advantage of this board is a 32-bit microcontroller that handles more microstepping and many other advanced techniques that the 8-bit board can no longer handle.

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Ender-3 and Novice Upgrades: Sixth Upgrade (Motherboard + Drivers)

This text has been automatically translated using Google Translate. The sixth upgrade will theoretically be the one you are all waiting for, a new motherboard with other stepper motor drivers ( drivers ). Here again it is more complicated. The new album should give you something more than the original one. Honestly, everybody will offer you today.

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This site was created on the basis of a pile of still the same questions on the czech Facebook group to support Ender-3. Therefore, some active members have decided to write answers to these questions, and then this site was created.