How to complette MK10 hotend correctly (for Ender-3, CR-10 and others)

This text has been automatically translated using Google Translate. Ender-3 is very often a clogged hotend when holes appear in models. If the hotend is well folded, it works very well and can be printed very nicely even with a standard extruder. But everything must work as it should. Layout … Heat the hot end to the operating temperature of the material inside.

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Ender-3 and Novice Upgrades: Ninth Upgrade (Direct Extruder)

This text has been automatically translated using Google Translate. The ninth upgrade will help improve print quality and reduce retraction. In addition, it facilitates the printing of elastic materials. Maybe some have recognized that there is talk of a direct extruder. The cheapest is to print your engine mount and do it yourself. Which is probably the best solution.

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How to connect inductive probe P.I.N.D.A. v2

This text was automatically translated using Google Translate. There are many different ways to deal with ABL, or Automatic Calibration of the print pad. Currently, the two most common are: BL TOUCH and an induction probe. Today we will show how to connect an induction probe on the example of the Ender 3 printer, with motherboards from the MKS and SKR families.

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This site was created on the basis of a pile of still the same questions on the czech Facebook group to support Ender-3. Therefore, some active members have decided to write answers to these questions, and then this site was created.