Stepper drivers 1. - Basic information and which one to use

If you want to know something about drivers in general, read the introduction about drivers in the main article here. A4988 … The most basic drivers from Allegro. The advantage of this driver is the price. The disadvantage of this driver is that it can only handle 1/16 microstepping and is therefore quite noisy. DRV8825 … These drivers are from TI.

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Stepper drivers

3D printers use stepper motors. The name implies that the movement consists of individual steps. The most widely used motors use 200 steps, that is, 1 step = 1.8 degrees of rotation. If the printer moved in these large steps, it would tear, the print would not be so nice and it would also be very noisy because of the large vibration transmissions.

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Ender-3 and Novice Upgrades: Sixth Upgrade (Motherboard + Drivers)

This text has been automatically translated using Google Translate. The sixth upgrade will theoretically be the one you are all waiting for, a new motherboard with other stepper motor drivers ( drivers ). Here again it is more complicated. The new album should give you something more than the original one. Honestly, everybody will offer you today.

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Ender-3 and Newbie Upgrades: Tenth Upgrade (dual-z)

This text has been automatically translated using Google Translate. The tenth upgrade is not important, but can help you with print quality, especially in the case of a direct extruder. This is the second Z axis. Why is it important? For simplicity, imagine moving the entire weight of the direct extruder / hotend to the right-hand side of the X axis.

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