What to buy for a new 3D printer

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If you are the new owner of a 3D printer , this article is for you. There are a lot of more or less useful things on the Internet that can make working with a 3D printer more enjoyable. Plus, it usually costs around $ 1- $ 2, so they certainly don't ruin you.

Let's take a look at some of them. Things you just have to have because ... it's boring and it won't work out from Ali :)

Brush for cleaning the nozzle from the outside. When printing, occasionally a portion of the filament sticks to the outside of the nozzle. And you definitely don't want a black piece of black ABS, for example, to come loose when you print a white vase, which you'll print later. I deliberately mentioned ABS, because it has it directly in the job description, but of course it also happens with other filaments. !! WARNING - When cleaning, always turn off the printer after heating the nozzle - there is a risk of a short circuit of the thermistor or the heating element - the fibers of the brush are made of conductive material !!!

No, this is not a tattoo kit. Sometimes it is necessary to remove a piece of filament, either from the nozzle or the model during printing. These two tweezers are perfect for this. One curved, the other straight. They have dangerously sharp ends, so you can work with them on a really fine level. As a bonus, you will also receive strings for cleaning nozzles of various diameters in the set.
Once we have bitten the cleaning of the nozzle, there is, although very exceptionally, sometimes the need to clean the inside as well. These small drills will reliably help you with that. It's not something you'd use daily, unlike tweezers, for example, but sometimes it's just fine. This is when you are standing between the decision to replace the nozzle or try to tap it.
Once we have bitten the nozzle replacement .... Especially if you have a hotend type V6, when it is necessary to hold the heater in place when loosening or tightening the nozzle in place, you will need this little wrench.
An alternative to the above-mentioned French key is this classic key. If you have damaged or lost the enclosed key to the printer, this one is for you. When ordering two pieces, you can hold the hot end in place with one and tighten the nozzle at the same time. Unfortunately, it only fits the MK8, MK10 heatblock, but not the V6.
image-12.png After trying several types of keys, this one worked best for me. It is long enough not to burn when tightening the hot nozzle, yet very compact to fit in the drawer for the printer. I use it in conjunction with a wrench.
Well, we're at the jets. As you will find out over time, these are consumer goods. Therefore, do not delay with their order and buy a couple in stock. There's no more frustration than having a new printer and disease printing because you clogged the nozzle and you didn't help it much when you tried to clean it because you did it for the first time. This is for the MK8 hotend, ie for example for printers from Creality in the base.
Same thing, just for the hotend V6. I personally have a good experience with nozzles from Trianglelab. I consider them adequate and for the price of $ 2 above average quality.
As you will soon find out, consumables for Bowden printers also include pneumatic couplings for PTFE tubes. Practically the only one that did not need to be changed after purchase and installation was this one. Unfortunately, it is only made with a 6mm thread, and after replacing the extruder, I did not find an equivalent with another thread, eg 8mm,. After the transition to direct drive, the need for these couplings was eliminated.
image-8.png And the bowden PTFE tube itself. After a certain number of shortenings after punching the ends in a poor quality pneumatic coupling, it is good to have it in stock. I would like to make one warning here. Never buy transparent. Its very unpleasant feature is that it shrinks at high temperatures and the filament gets stuck in it. Such a high-end between the bowden cables is the Capricone tube, which can withstand higher temperatures, but costs many times more. Personally, I never needed it and stayed with the classic PTFE until the transition to direct drive.
If you want a higher level of PTFE, more resistant to higher temperatures, Creality also sells Capricorn for a fairly reasonable price.
If you are bothered by handling a microSD card, you can buy this simple full-size SD card adapter and place it in a more convenient place. At least before you buy Octoprin t :)

If you are interested in how much the printer can be improved, you can look, for example, here : https://www.3dpedie.cz/inspirace/octoender_podle_kirona/


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